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  • May 12th, 2021
    35 years. A meaningful number but a birthday presenting a great opportunity to reflect on my life, past, present and future.

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  • Emotional Armor
    How dare she insult my integrity and try to pry into the secret I admittedly am keeping? If I didn’t have more self-control I might have dropped my glove right then and there at her feet to challenge her to a duel. But that would have revealed… Sigh. I feel so… so empty, like an empty shell who… Oh, right. Ha-ha, I see what I did there. Empty shell. Very funny.
  • Castles & Monsters – Teaser
    When Caroline encounters a lone boy in her street, she takes it upon herself to investigate and help return him to his family – but this is just the tip of the iceberg…
  • The Lifeline
    Now things are different. Those laws be damned. These humans want us subdued and enslaved. They want us to forget everything every time. Well we’re going to give them a reckoning they’ll never forget. And believe me, even if we wipe most of them out, we will never let them forget it.
  • First-Time Demon
    When you end up in the clutches of an inexperienced demon…
  • Bored to Hypothetical Distraction
    So yeah, long story short, I’m a boring guy. Bland vanilla. 08:15 on the dot. Boring and unable to change. But I think I might know how I can get a bit of adventure without taking any risk. Hence the secret.
  • One of Those Days
    Uh-oh, looks like this is one of those days… It’s already bad enough to have dissociative personality disorder, but when on top of that it’s coupled with teleportation abilities, it gets downright dangerous. And today she’s relapsing.
  • Private Warpath
    Mike had ended up alone, his family stripped from him by ridiculous accidents. A little voice had started in his head then, an unwanted, unbidden, unprovable, ridiculous rationalization of the events, a kind of conspiracy theory in his mind, a budding paranoia that someone was after him and his family. He knew it wasn’t likely to be remotely true, and that coincidences happen, but even so, somehow he’d found it comforting, in a way. So when he’d nearly missed blending into the red paint on the grille of that truck, he had hatched his plan.
  • Confidences
    Be careful what you share. Information is a powerful thing. “In those moments I realize how powerful a thing it is to be able to inspire this much trust. I become their confidant in no time flat, and they end up spilling everything out to me. Well, I’m sure it’s not everything. But sometimes it really feels like everything. And all this information is stuff I have the potential to use in awful ways.”
  • The Perspective Machine
    If you were given a time machine, what would you do with it? Me, I sit down and think about how, why and most importantly, whether I need to use it.
  • May 12th, 2021
    35 years. A meaningful number but a birthday presenting a great opportunity to reflect on my life, past, present and future.
  • February 22nd, 2021
    After a year looking for another job, and six months trying to settle outside Spain, I’ve finally made progress on both fronts. Also, I’m on YouTube now. Life’s looking up!
  • Marine Perspective
    This is a story designed and intended to challenge our assumptions and try to help us see things from different perspectives, something it seems we have a very hard time doing in general, not just with regards to wildlife but also – and more critically, I believe – with regards to how we humans interact with one another. The following was recorded yesterday in the 1-2 kHz band by a top secret whale observatory off the coast of Baja California. It is thought to have emanated from somewhere between Isla Cedros and Bahía Tortugas. Doppler shift analysis of the transmission… Read more: Marine Perspective
  • How I Got Into Writing
    How does anyone get into writing, really? By picking up a pen or keyboard and working some kind of magic with it. But for me, it wasn’t just that.
  • Dlvan Zirak
    A poet with a Heart of Gold I met Dlvan three years ago in a Facebook writers’ group, before either of us had published anything. Before I detail how we met, I do need to establish a little bit of context. I’d already written a few chapters of a novel project that I have, but I’d also started planning another, rather different kind of “novel”, one that I felt would benefit from having a variety of points of view and contributors (I won’t detail why here, as it would spoil a fair bit of the concept of that book.) Anyway,… Read more: Dlvan Zirak
  • Going Nowhere in Time
    After reading “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams, one has to wonder how nobody was able to do anything when Earth was doomed… Here’s the answer!
  • Ghosts to Bodies
    All funerals are sad, but when revenge gets involved, this one is sad in more ways than one.
  • Xenophobia and Double Standards
    An outside yet still distinctly familiar perspective on our tendency to establish convenient double standards.
  • White Lies, Black Lies
    A dying woman begs her man to lie to her, and gets more than she bargained for.
  • December 7th, 2020
    When new logistics concerns came and interfered with my plans, I needed a backup solution. Meanwhile, I took on a writing challenge and learned valuable lessons from it.
  • Filipa Santos Sousa
    Travel, Poetry and Introspection They say that bonds forged in the fires of adversity are among the strongest in the world. That’s definitely true of my friendship with Filipa. We met while living together in a shared apartment in Lisbon, Portugal that was a hot mess of a place, you know, the kind nightmares are made of – only without the actual gore. From messy housemates to crazy housemates to a nutcase landlord to a single fridge for 7 that never worked right, we had a lot to put up with, and… well, you can imagine… It was a mess.… Read more: Filipa Santos Sousa
  • August 20th, 2020
    Life Back to Normal (Kind Of) Wow. It’s sure been a strange few months, hasn’t it? First we were all locked into our homes to avoid this annoying virus spreading. Then little by very little we were able to open up again, go out and get our lives back. In Madrid things opened up fairly slowly, even compared with the rest of Spain. But now it’s supposed to be back to what they call the “new normal”. However, clearly something’s up because Barcelona first, now Madrid have had to reimplement some extra measures in order to avoid having to resort… Read more: August 20th, 2020
  • Recipe for an Easy Writing Career
    My tried and tested recipe for a writing career. Absolutely delicious!
  • Geoffrey & Me
    A schoolboy makes an unexpected acquaintance in a field who later goes on to radically change his life.
  • May 19th, 2020
    Over the past couple of months I’ve been mostly on lockdown at home, hardly going out at all. But that hasn’t stopped me from going into a relapse of my earlier depression. On the plus side though, I got inspired to write about learning languages!
  • Benefits of Learning Languages
    It’s all well and good to learn languages in a better way, but what does one gain from it? A hell of a lot more than you think, actually.
  • Curing Linguistic Traumas – Working on the Language
    Curing or preventing language trauma isn’t just about setting a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, it’s also about helping the student work on the language in the most effective way possible.
  • Curing Linguistic Trauma – Setting the Stage
    When faced with traumatized students, how can we proceed to help them overcome this fear? First and foremost, by removing the pressure
  • Language Teaching Problems – Possible Causes
    Some possible reasons behind the counterproductive structuring of some countries’ language teaching systems
  • Language Teaching Problems – Symptoms & Side-effects
    The actual characteristics and considerable consequences of counterproductive language teaching systems
  • The Practicalities of Learning Languages
    Learning a language is an eminently practical exercise. Find out a simpler, much more manageable approach to languages, as well as convenient tips on how best to practice them.
  • Introduction & Credentials
    In this introduction, I lay out how I came to be in a position to legitimately express myself on learning and teaching languages.
  • The Widow
    An unsuspecting man ends up the unwitting pawn of a scheming woman’s near-perfect plot. *Trigger warning: sexual themes*
  • BoJo’s REAL Brexit plans leaked
    A humorous exaggeration of the plan for Brexit, complete with reactions from world leaders.
  • Coup d’Enfer
    Mickey Mouse is President-Elect of Hell and has to deal with a coup.
  • The Truth About Unicorns
    Unicorns never made the Ark, but they still survived and are now in hiding. Here’s how I found them.
  • Sabotage Behind Enemy Lines
    A commando goes deep into enemy territory to sabotage their infrastructure
  • Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
    An exploration of social perceptions of beauty and its impact on reputation, from the point of view of a fictional character well placed to speak of it.
  • Reflection on Turing tests
    A look at the history of CAPTCHA tests
  • Tongue-twister Heroine in New Bid for Success with Improved Business Model
    Sally’s successful second seashell-selling scheme.
  • Rabbit? Duck? Dabbit?
    Hybrid species aren’t all they used to be any more… A tastier story than you’d expect.
  • To Brexit or not to Brexit
    Exploration of the ins, outs and “whaaaat?”s of the Brexit referendum.
  • Gorilla vs. Mother: Critical Commentary
    A piece about political correctness, hasty judgments and the lack of all kinds of perspective – and the gorilla that got caught in the middle.
  • Enough Blind Paranoia!
    A reaction to excessive paranoia.
  • Were the Smurfs actually real?
    When a fictional species of tiny blue fellas turns out to (possibly) be real.
  • Support the Sleep Impaired!
    A call to action in defense of the sleep-impaired around the world.
  • Pharaoh Rocher
    The scrumptious story of Egypt’s tastiest mummy.
  • How the Mauritius Dodos went into hiding
    The true story of this unfortunate species of bird.

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