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Short story aficionados rejoice! Here is where I post random fiction stories I’ve come up with. Dive deep into the imaginary worlds I’ve created for your enjoyment!

Effective against: Weltschmerz, cognitive dissonance, bias, prejudice and double standards.
Active ingredients: critical & rational thinking
Side-effects: open mind, perspective, aha-moments and blown minds.

Random humorous posts to tickle your funny bone. Unusual idea associations pushed to an extreme in wild, wacky posts.

The best section of the produce aisle, with various other kinds of content about all sorts of stuff, that doesn’t fit into the other sections.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Me O’Clock News.
On Earth today, a bunch of stuff happened, but for the purposes of our show only the news pertaining to the author will be presented here.

Where my readings graduate from Kindlegarten and take shelfies for all the world to see…

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