The Afictionado

Short story aficionados rejoice! Here is where I post random fiction stories I’ve come up with. Dive deep into the imaginary worlds I’ve created for your enjoyment!

These stories are pure fiction. Any and all resemblance between events or characters in these stories and real events or characters is purely coinci… Well no, that’s probably a lie. I do draw from my own experiences and knowledge in order to write as much detail as I can into my stories to drag the reader in. As such, I cannot honestly say that any such resemblance is coincidental. However, no real people or events were harmed in the writing of these stories, and no real people’s names were involved.

  • The Lifeline
    Now things are different. Those laws be damned. These humans want us subdued and enslaved. They want us to forget everything every time. Well we’re going to give them a reckoning they’ll never forget. And believe me, even if we wipe most of them out, we will never let them forget it.
  • First-Time Demon
    When you end up in the clutches of an inexperienced demon…
  • Bored to Hypothetical Distraction
    So yeah, long story short, I’m a boring guy. Bland vanilla. 08:15 on the dot. Boring and unable to change. But I think I might know how I can get a bit of adventure without taking any risk. Hence the secret.
  • One of Those Days
    Uh-oh, looks like this is one of those days… It’s already bad enough to have dissociative personality disorder, but when on top of that it’s coupled with teleportation abilities, it gets downright dangerous. And today she’s relapsing.
  • Private Warpath
    Mike had ended up alone, his family stripped from him by ridiculous accidents. A little voice had started in his head then, an unwanted, unbidden, unprovable, ridiculous rationalization of the events, a kind of conspiracy theory in his mind, a budding paranoia that someone was after him and his family. He knew it wasn’t likely to be remotely true, and that coincidences happen, but even so, somehow he’d found it comforting, in a way. So when he’d nearly missed blending into the red paint on the grille of that truck, he had hatched his plan.
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