The Afictionado

Short story aficionados rejoice! Here is where I post random fiction stories I’ve come up with. Dive deep into the imaginary worlds I’ve created for your enjoyment!

These stories are pure fiction. Any and all resemblance between events or characters in these stories and real events or characters is purely coinci… Well no, that’s probably a lie. I do draw from my own experiences and knowledge in order to write as much detail as I can into my stories to drag the reader in. As such, I cannot honestly say that any such resemblance is coincidental. However, no real people or events were harmed in the writing of these stories, and no real people’s names were involved.

  • Confidences
    Be careful what you share. Information is a powerful thing. “In those moments I realize how powerful a thing it is to be able to inspire this much trust. I become their confidant in no time flat, and they end up spilling everything out to me. Well, I’m sure it’s not everything. But sometimes it really feels like everything. And all this information is stuff I have the potential to use in awful ways.”
  • Going Nowhere in Time
    After reading “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams, one has to wonder how nobody was able to do anything when Earth was doomed… Here’s the answer!
  • Ghosts to Bodies
    All funerals are sad, but when revenge gets involved, this one is sad in more ways than one.
  • White Lies, Black Lies
    A dying woman begs her man to lie to her, and gets more than she bargained for.
  • Geoffrey & Me
    A schoolboy makes an unexpected acquaintance in a field who later goes on to radically change his life.
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