March 12, 2020

New Website, bout of depression and plans for the future

New Website

So I used to have three different blogs on Tumblr. That was a mess to deal with, I had two separate accounts for them and they didn’t work that well together.

So I decided to gather the content from all of them, and more, into a single Website on its own domain, which I present to you now.

  • The Antiidiotic: This one is heir to Critic of Society, and will keep aiming to give much-needed perspective on current events, society, culture, etc.
  • The Humerus Bone: This category by and large includes my joke stories from Random Tumbleweed.
  • The Afictionado: This one is home to the content of Tumbleweed’s Short Stories.
  • Sundry Tomatoes: This new one will contain other content I create that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories.
  • And finally, Me O’Clock News: This other new category will feature posts like this one, giving news about my writing career and to some extent about my personal life.

I really believe this site will make managing my writing projects easier.

Please by all means let me know what you think by leaving a comment on any page, I welcome constructive criticism and feedback about the content, appearance or even functionality of the site.

Plans for the Future

In the meantime, though I can’t exactly say I’m on a writing hiatus (I still find some occasions to do some writing), I am rather busy because I’ve decided to move from Madrid to Germany in a few weeks’ time.

I’m considering the northwest of the country, anywhere from Hamburg to Bremen to Cologne. So this involves actively looking for a job, and then later a place to live, which takes up a fair bit of my time.

Of course, the recent Covid-19 situation has affected this decision, delaying the entire plan. But stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted on that!

Recent Slump

I have recently gone through a pretty rough patch, with the accumulation of some personal demons being blown into my face with another realization about my procrastination habits and making me realize the nature of the vicious circle I’ve managed to get myself stuck in over the years.

This has been very hard to handle, leaving me on several occasions very emotional and desperate. I felt completely hopeless, realizing that even if I try to get rid of those demons I’m likely to get in my own way.

But more recently, things seem to be looking up, and I seem to be getting back on track little by little. So this should allow me to regain motivation and make progress.

I’m sure as hell not holding my breath, because anything can still happen (and history suggests that’s very likely) to blow it all out of the water, but as surgeons and doctors say, I’m “cautiously optimistic”.

Anyway, that’s all for me this time, I hope you enjoy your visit! Feel free to comment on any post where this is allowed, share my articles and spread the word.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the comment threads.

See you next month!

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