My Published Works

Published: Nov. 8th, 2018
Length: 160 pages
44,000 words
Publisher: KDP

– Paperback
– Kindle eBook

The Edge of Reason

Short story anthology

A dangerous room.
A Transylvanian tower.
A clay face coming to life.
A descent into depression.
A mentally taxing livelihood.
A vanished plane reappearing.
A family secret coming to light.
A life unnecessarily cut short.
An innocent charm bracelet.
A budding magical power.
A chance for forgiveness.
An animal whisperer.

Twelve stories of minds coming to grips with various realities.
Twelve tales of love, power, thrill, fear, morality, treachery, vengeance, nature, magic and mystery.

My first book, a collection of random short stories written over the course of three years.

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