The Antiidiotic

Effective against: Weltschmerz, cognitive dissonance, bias, prejudice and double standards.

Active ingredients: critical & rational thinking (100%)

Side-effects: open mind, perspective, aha-moments and blown minds.

Are you annoyed with the short-sighted, closed-minded, sometimes utterly moronic attitudes of your fellow human beings?

Do you have ideas on how to remedy such behaviors or want some perspective to think about?

Are you suffering from a massive bout of Weltschmerz?

Then the Antiidiotic is for you! Available over the keyboard in pharmacies… um no, right here on this Website near you!

  • The Perspective Machine
    If you were given a time machine, what would you do with it? Me, I sit down and think about how, why and most importantly, whether I need to use it.
  • Marine Perspective
    This is a story designed and intended to challenge our assumptions and try to help us see things from different perspectives, something it seems we have a very hard time doing in general, not just with regards to wildlife but also – and more critically, I believe – with regards to how we humans interact with one another. The following was recorded yesterday in the 1-2 kHz band by a top secret whale observatory off the coast of Baja California. It is thought to have emanated from somewhere between Isla Cedros and Bahía Tortugas. Doppler shift analysis of the transmission […]
  • Xenophobia and Double Standards
    An outside yet still distinctly familiar perspective on our tendency to establish convenient double standards.
  • Benefits of Learning Languages
    It’s all well and good to learn languages in a better way, but what does one gain from it? A hell of a lot more than you think, actually.
  • Curing Linguistic Traumas – Working on the Language
    Curing or preventing language trauma isn’t just about setting a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, it’s also about helping the student work on the language in the most effective way possible.
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