The Antiidiotic

Effective against: Weltschmerz, cognitive dissonance, bias, prejudice and double standards.

Active ingredients: critical & rational thinking (100%)

Side-effects: open mind, perspective, aha-moments and blown minds.

Are you annoyed with the short-sighted, closed-minded, sometimes utterly moronic attitudes of your fellow human beings?

Do you have ideas on how to remedy such behaviors or want some perspective to think about?

Are you suffering from a massive bout of Weltschmerz?

Then the Antiidiotic is for you! Available over the keyboard in pharmacies… um no, right here on this Website near you!

  • Confidences
    Be careful what you share. Information is a powerful thing. “In those moments I realize how powerful a thing it is to be able to inspire this much trust. I become their confidant in no time flat, and they end up spilling everything out to me. Well, I’m sure it’s not everything. But sometimes it really feels like everything. And all this information is stuff I have the potential to use in awful ways.”
  • The Perspective Machine
    If you were given a time machine, what would you do with it? Me, I sit down and think about how, why and most importantly, whether I need to use it.
  • Marine Perspective
    This is a story designed and intended to challenge our assumptions and try to help us see things from different perspectives, something it seems we have a very hard time doing in general, not just with regards to wildlife but also – and more critically, I believe – with regards to how we humans interact with one another. The following was recorded yesterday in the 1-2 kHz band by a top secret whale observatory off the coast of Baja California. It is thought to have emanated from somewhere between Isla Cedros and Bahía Tortugas. Doppler shift analysis of the transmission… Read more: Marine Perspective
  • Xenophobia and Double Standards
    An outside yet still distinctly familiar perspective on our tendency to establish convenient double standards.
  • Benefits of Learning Languages
    It’s all well and good to learn languages in a better way, but what does one gain from it? A hell of a lot more than you think, actually.
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